Going Grey (And The Colours That Work Well With It)

Going Grey (And The Colours That Work Well With It)

We love the colour grey, as you can tell from the briefest of looks at our array of grey shirts and underwear. It’s a neutral colour that looks great in practically any situation. You could happily wear grey clothing to any event, from the most casual of get-togethers to the most formal of dinner parties.

But we also know that many of you want a splash of extra colour in your lives. After all, one of the joys of fashion is the ability to combine all sorts of different colours to make your own unique style.

So, we thought that we’d give you a helping hand. We’re going to offer some advice on going grey, and look at some of the colour combinations that work best.

Your Shades of Grey

Most people don’t think of grey as a particularly varied colour, but there are actually more than 500 distinct variations of the colour. That means that finding your shade of grey is the first step to wearing the colour well.

It all comes down to your skin tone. Or, more accurately, it depends on if your skin exhibits cool or warm undertones.

Cooler Than Cool

Those with cool undertones have the advantage here, we’re afraid. Having cool undertones means that your skin exhibits a number of colour tones, including blue, pink, and red. Your veins offer the key to determining this if you’re not sure. If the veins that you can see through your wrist look blue, you have cool undertones.

The good thing about going grey with cool undertones is that practically any shade of grey looks great on you.

The Warmest of Tones

But what about if your skin has warm undertones? You can tell if you fall into this category if those veins in your wrists have a green hue. In these cases, you may have to be a bit more careful with the shade of grey that you choose. Darker greys may lead to you getting a washed out look, which most people don’t find desirable.

In these cases, lighter greys are probably your best bet. But in the end, it all comes down to your personal style preferences. If you want to wear dark grey when you have warm undertones, then you absolutely should do it. After all, most of looking good in an outfit revolves around how confident you feel when you’re wearing it.

The Colour Combinations

But what if you want to jazz things up a little bit? Which colours work best with which shades of grey?

For lighter greys, we recommend darker colours. Deep-toned colours, such as purple, work really well here. They offer a bold contrast that also throws off a nice regal tone. This deeper colours also add a little intensity to the overall ensemble.

With darker greys, you want to go in the opposite direction. The darkness of the grey is the focal point of the outfit. Softer colours emphasise this, while still offering that little splash of colour that you’re looking for.

A Grey For All Occasions

Grey is such a great colour because of how it complements your skin tone and because of how well it mixes with other shades. But you need to find the grey that suits your style. That’s where we can help. Check out our online store to see what grey can do for you.